The 7 Biggest Mistakes Photographers Make on Instagram

June 24, 2024

Struggling to make Instagram work for your photography business? We’re diving into the biggest mistakes photographers make on Instagram and how to avoid them. Let’s make your socials shine!

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Photographers Make on Instagram

Instagram isn't just about flaunting your latest images – it's a powerful tool for growing your photography business and connecting with clients. But even the pros can make social slip-ups on Instagram that can hold them back.

Navigating social media as a photographer can be a bit of a mind boggler. That’s why we're guiding you through the seven biggest mistakes photographers make on Instagram and giving you practical tips on how to avoid them.

Posting for Other Photographers Instead of Clients

It’s tempting to post content that wows other photographers, showcasing your behind-the-scenes expertise, kit and insider knowledge. But don’t lose sight of your primary audience - potential clients.

Your should-be-target audience wants to see how you can capture their special moments and solve their problems, not just your behind-the-scenes skills.

Tips to Shift Focus:

Not Posting Consistently

Keeping a steady flow of posts on Instagram is super important. If you post too sporadically, your followers might lose interest and your visibility could take a hit. Let's make sure your feed stays vibrant and dependable.

The Insta algorithm loves a bit of consistency to show your brand’s worth. If you don’t post often, the algorithm might not recognise you as a pro in your field, resulting in less visibility. Posting regularly with high-quality content, however, means the algorithm is more likely to feature your content and recommend it to others.

Start by creating a content calendar. Planning your posts ahead of time ensures you always have something ready to share. Tools like SocialPilot or Buffer can be your new best friends here.

Spend some time each week to batch-create content so you're not rushing at the last minute. And here's a pro tip: use Instagram Insights to find out when your audience is most active and schedule your posts for those peak times. This way, you'll get the most engagement and keep your followers hooked.

Ignoring Comments and DMs

Instagram isn't just about posting great photos; it's also about building a community.

If you're ignoring comments and messages, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with your audience. Engagement is a two-way street - when your followers take the time to reach out, it's important to respond and keep the conversation going.

Make it a habit to reply to comments and DMs promptly. Ask questions in your captions to encourage interaction, and don't be shy about liking and commenting on your followers' posts too.

This kind of engagement builds loyalty and shows that you genuinely care about your community.

Using an Unprofessional Account Name

Your Instagram handle is like your first handshake - it needs to make a good impression. If your account name is hard to remember or looks unprofessional, potential clients might scroll past without a second thought.

For example, a handle like “@john_doe28194” might confuse people or seem too generic. Instead, go for something simple and brand-focused like “@JohnDoePhotography”.

This way, when people search for you, they’ll find you easily and immediately recognise your brand.

Mixing Personal and Professional

It’s great to show your personality on Instagram, but finding the right balance between personal and professional content on Instagram can be tricky.

On one hand, sharing too much personal content can confuse your audience. Clients are primarily interested in your photography work, not necessarily what you had for lunch.

On the other hand, weaving in some personal content that's relevant to your business can help build a more authentic, relatable brand. Showing the person behind the camera can create a stronger connection with your audience.

To avoid making the mistake of filling your feed with too much personal content, use Instagram Stories or highlights for more casual, behind-the-scenes glimpses to keep your main grid focused on your stunning work.

Not Using Instagram Stories and Reels to Show Off Your Stunning Wedding and Seasonal Shoots

Instagram Stories and Reels are like secret weapons for photographers, but they often get overlooked.

These features are perfect for showing off your work in a fun and engaging way. Stories let you give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your shoots, while Reels can showcase your skills in short, captivating videos.

By incorporating Stories and Reels into your strategy, you can keep your content fresh and exciting. Share daily updates, sneak peeks of your shoots, and fun, creative videos that highlight your photography style.

This will keep your current audience engaged while giving you way more of a chance to reach new followers.

Forgetting Your Feed Is Your Social Portfolio

So, a potential client finds you through a hashtag and lands on your Insta feed - great! But what’s their first impression?

Your feed should be a carefully curated portfolio that instantly showcases your style and professionalism. Whether you’re all about bright and colour-filled photos or dark and moody vibes, your Instagram should reflect this consistently.

Every photo needs to fit your brand and look good alongside the others. This might seem daunting, but tools like SocialPilot or Planoly can help you plan and preview your feed to ensure everything looks cohesive. If it feels like too much to handle, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (like Ashwood VA) or a Social Media Manager who can curate your feed and select the best photos from your galleries.

Remember, your Instagram feed is often the first interaction clients have with your brand. Make it visually appealing and reflective of your unique style to leave a lasting impression.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Ever feel like there's just not enough hours in the day? That's where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in.

A VA is like having an extra pair of hands to handle the tasks that bog you down - from social media and email management to scheduling shoots and even customer service. For photographers, this means you get more time to focus on your passion and less time worrying about admin work.

At Ashwood VA, we understand the unique challenges you face. That’s why we offer tailored services to lighten your load, so you can spend more time behind the camera and less time in front of a screen.

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