Setting Up Email Templates as a Photographer

May 20, 2024

Ready to make your photography business run smoother than ever? We're here to show you how email templates can transform the way you manage everything from client enquiries to delivering the final gallery. Wave goodbye to hassle and say hello to efficiency - let's make running your photography business a breeze!

Setting Up Email Templates as a Photographer

As a photographer, your time is precious and every moment counts. Juggling the creative aspects of your work with the boring admin tasks can often feel like trying to balance on a pogo ball with a camera in one hand and a laptop in the other.

Thankfully, modern tech offers us solutions galore. Email templates are like having your very own trusty assistant at your beck and call (minus the coffee-fetching duties).

These templates aren't about dampening your unique voice or turning you into a robotic responder; they're about amplifying your workflows. They're your secret weapon for conveying your personality and professionalism with just a few clicks.

By automating tasks like handling enquiries, following up with clients, and managing invoices, you’re not just saving time - you’re creating a consistent and polished experience for everyone.

So, let's take a look at how to set up your email templates and find out how they can revolutionise the way you run your photography business!

The Top 9 Email Templates Photographers Need

Now that you’re ready to streamline your photography business with email templates, let’s dive into the essential templates every photographer should have.

From handling client enquiries to delivering the final product, these templates will help you communicate with professionalism, efficiency and a touch of your personality and tone.

1.     Enquiry Response – I’m Available:

When a potential client reaches out, you want to respond quickly. With this template in your toolkit, you can respond promptly, letting them know you’re excited about their enquiry and available to take their booking. It's all about making them feel valued and setting the stage for an amazing client experience!

2.     Enquiry Response – Not Available:

We've all been there – schedule’s packed tighter than a camera bag on a big shoot. But even when your calendar's bursting at the seams, professionalism never takes a holiday. This template makes sure every potential client feels respected and valued, even if your card is full. It's all about leaving the door open for future opportunities and showing you're committed to delivering top-notch service, no matter what.

3.     Follow-ups:

Staying connected with your clients is key to fostering strong relationships and showing them they're valued. These friendly follow-up emails serve as gentle reminders, keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring no chance for exception customer service is missed.

4.     Sending Your Invoice and Contract:

When it comes to handling payments, keeping things crystal clear is key. With this template, you can send invoices and contracts that are easy to understand and navigate. It's about making sure everyone's on the same page for a smooth and hassle-free payment process.

5.     Sending Your Questionnaires:

Gathering the basics from clients has never been easier. With this template for sending questionnaires, you can customise questions to suit your photography business’ specific needs. It's the perfect way to streamline your workflow and ensure that you have all the details you need to deliver exceptional results.

6.     Payment Reminders:

We all need a little nudge now and then, right? These friendly payment reminders gently prompt clients to keep things on track without any awkwardness. It's like sending a polite reminder to a friend - it keeps things flowing smoothly while maintaining that professional touch.

7.     Pre-shoot Check-ins:

Let's ensure everything's set for your big shoot! This template helps you touch base with clients, iron out any details and ease any pre-shoot jitters. It's all about showing your clients that you're on top of things and ready to capture their best moments!

8.     Delivering the Online Gallery:

Wrap things up with a bow! This template ensures your clients receive their final product promptly and with gratitude. It's your chance to deliver clear instructions for accessing their online gallery while expressing genuine appreciation for their trust in your work.

9.     Requesting a Review:

Your clients' feedback is pure gold for your business growth. Use this template to invite them to share their thoughts and experiences. Show genuine appreciation for their input and how it helps shape your reputation.

How to Set Up Your Email Templates as a Photographer

Looking for a step-by-step guide? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on that too!

Here’s how to set up your templates on the top 3 platforms for photographers, saving you time while so you can focus on what you do best.

Outlook Email Templates

Setting up templates in Outlook is super easy and efficient. Here’s how to do it:

That's it! You've just created your very own Outlook email template. Now, whenever you need to send a similar message, simply open your template, add any new info, and hit send.

Gmail Email Templates

Gmail templates are a little more tricky; first, you’ll need to enable templates (if you haven’t already).

Now that you've enabled templates, here's how to create them:

Now, whenever you want to use a template:

Studio Ninja Email Templates

Ready to streamline your email game in Studio Ninja? Here's how to create your own email templates in a snap:

Repeat these steps whenever you need to add more templates or update existing ones to fit your workflow!


These templates aren't just time-savers; they're like having a trusted assistant who helps you maintain that personal touch in every interaction.

From the initial enquiry to delivering the finished product, email templates are your secret weapon for balancing professionalism with a friendly vibe. They streamline your communication without losing that human connection that makes your photography business unique.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out as a photographer, embracing email templates is like giving yourself the gift of time and efficiency.

With these tools in your arsenal and the knowledge of how to use them across different platforms, you're poised to capture even more unforgettable moments behind the lens!