Dubsado: A Business Management Tool Built With You in Mind?

October 10, 2023

Dubsado is a CRM, CMS and Workflow system designed to fit your business, no matter what sector you work in. But are all-rounder tools best for your photography business?

Dubsado: A Business Management Tool Built With You in Mind?

If your business is suddenly picking up pace and your inbox is about to burst, there’s no better time to upgrade your digital toolbox. CRM, CMS and Workflow systems can all help you ditch the manual management of admin, customer relations, finance and more, allowing you to focus on growing your business and enjoying the practical side.

Dubsado is one of the few Business Management platforms that rolls a Customer Relations Manager, Customer Management System and Workflow tools into one, offering a sleek platform that helps you manage your clients, projects and finances with ease.

Is it the right tool for you? Let's find out...

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a versatile Business Management System and CRM designed to empower businesses across various sectors. Created with a focus on user-friendliness, Dubsado streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks, making business management a breeze.

Whether you're an photographer, freelancer, or a small business owner, Dubsado offers a unified platform for managing clients, projects, and finances effortlessly.

With automation at its core, Dubsado lets you concentrate on what truly matters: growing your business and delivering exceptional services to your clients.

Features to Shout About

Dubsado’s impressive digital toolkit contains all the usual features of a CRM and Workflow system, but some particularly cool features deserve an honourable mention:

Client Portal
– Dubsado's Client Portal is a personalised home space specifically for them, where every email, contract, form and invoice resides. It provides clients with a convenient hub to access and manage their interactions with your business, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Fully-customisable Form Templates
– Tailor your client forms and documents effortlessly. Dubsado provides customisable templates, allowing you to create polished, professional forms that align seamlessly with your brand identity. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter documents and hello to visually stunning brochures, quotes and client questionnaires.

Effortless Invoicing – Simplify your financial transactions with Dubsado's easy-to-pay online invoices. Clients can settle payments conveniently, while you can track payment statuses effortlessly. No more chasing down overdue payments.

Personable Automation
– Dubsado takes the tedium out of day-to-day office tasks. With personable automation, you can streamline email communication and receipt delivery, ensuring that your client interactions maintain a personal touch, even when automated.

Built-in Scheduler – Scheduling appointments has never been easier. Dubsado's built-in scheduler allows clients to book appointments seamlessly at their convenience. It syncs with your calendar, eliminating scheduling conflicts and administrative headaches.

Why I Recommend It

Dubsado always crops up when recommending a powerful Business Management Tool to clients and in particular photographers. Amongst the impressive features above, there are a few reasons that it stands out:

The Cons

There are few drawbacks to Dubsado’s powerful platform, especially with its sole focus on automating your work so you can grow your business. Here are my thoughts:

If you're still unsure, or simply don't have the time to get your system set-up - get in touch. We can review your current tools and processes and help you decide which system is right for your business. We'll even be on hand if you need us to set it up for you.