60 Blog Ideas for Photographers

April 6, 2023

Coming up with interesting and unique blog ideas for your photography business can be tough and time-consuming! That’s why we’ve put together a great collection of 60 blog ideas for wedding, newborn and family photographers.

60 Blog Ideas for Photographers

If you’re looking to attract new photography clients online, blogging should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy.

Blogs drive traffic to your website, allowing more people to see your content and thus your brand, but they are also a great way of coming up with ideas for social media posts.

Engaging, thoughtful and consistent blogs can be a brilliant way to inform and inspire, allowing people to connect with you and your business. You can share anything from shoot outfit inspiration to the top 10 wedding venues in your local area, all the way through to easy lunch recipes for the kids if you’re a family photographer.

If you are finding ways to relate to your desired audience, blogging can potentially catapult your business to new heights.

However, coming up with interesting and unique blog ideas can be tough and time-consuming, especially as photography business owner! That’s why we’ve put together a great collection of 60 blog ideas for all niches, to help inspire you and get you going on your blogging journey.

Blog Ideas for Wedding and Engagement Photographers

How to choose a wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting process – after all, it’s one of the most important wedding decisions wedding planners make!

Help readers out by offering them tips and tricks for finding the right photographer for them such as creating mood boards, settling on budgets, and arranging Zoom calls with potential photographers so they get an idea of their vibe.

A feature on locations you’ve shot at

If you’re looking for a more image-heavy feature, a great idea is to share some of the places or areas you’ve previously shot at.

This is a wonderful way to showcase some of your past work, so readers get a chance to see your style and decide if they want to work with you. It also offers them inspiration for their shoot and allows them to envisage what theirs could potentially look like!

Photography specific

o   A spotlight feature on a product you offer (album, frames, USB box set)

o   Collate an album of your best guest photos enjoying the party

o   Advice on choosing photos for a wedding album

o   Wedding photography pricing explained

o   Best locations for engagement shoots

o   How to plan a secret proposal with your photographer

o   10 things you should ask your wedding photographer

o   Tips for getting good wedding photos with the kids

o   A collection of the best wedding pets you’ve shot

o   Why engagement photos are a great idea

General ideas

o   Tips for wedding planning – booking a venue, florist, DJ etc.

o   Budget or small wedding ideas (these have increased ten-fold since Covid!)

o   Wedding proposal ideas – split it up into themes such as minimal, romantic, unique etc.

o   How to plan an elopement

o   Tips on planning a summer/winter wedding

o   Promote local wedding business owners

o   Pet wedding attire inspiration

o   How to create a stress-free wedding day timeline

Blog Ideas for Newborn and Baby Photographers

Theme ideas for newborn shoots

Before booking any photoshoot, many people scour the internet for inspiration. Have them stumble onto your blog!

Upload images from previous shoots and talk about the props you used, what you like about the theme and how much fun you had shooting it. This is a fantastic way to show potential clients how you combine colours and themes, as well as give them useful insight into your photography style.

Advice on what to wear to your shoot

Most people who book a newborn or baby photoshoot have never done so before, so this is a good chance for you to share your advice and expertise.

Showcase previous shoots and offer up some outfit inspiration for new parents - perhaps they’re interested in a particular colour scheme or theme, or maybe they just want to feel comfortable. Giving potential clients outfit ideas not only gives them inspiration for their shoot but allows them to feel more comfortable with what to expect from you.

Photography specific

o   A spotlight feature on a product you offer (album, frames, USB box set)

o   Discuss the safety protocols in place at your studio

o   Before and after – show off your editing skills!

o   Advice on when to book a newborn shoot – timing is everything

o   How to prepare for a newborn or baby photoshoot

o   How to include siblings in the shoot

o   How to choose props for your newborn shoot

o   Give a tour of your studio set-up

o   How to include a family pet in your baby session

o   What is a cake smash session?

o   How to pick the right printing service for your photography

o   How to incorporate siblings into your shoot

o   Favourite mum and baby poses

General ideas

o   Newborn sleep tips

o   Feature local businesses such as kid’s party planners, birthday cake makers, etc.

o   Tips on swaddling a baby

o   How to take great baby photos at home

o   Tips for designing your baby’s nursery

Blog Ideas for Family Photographers

How to pose for family photos

Many people are unfamiliar with photoshoots and initially feel rather camera-shy. This is a great blog idea if you want to ease people into posing by offering up various ideas, so they feel better prepared when they come to your shoot. This is especially great if kids are in tow, as they can be very unpredictable! Share some of your recent photographs so people can see a wide range of different poses and gain a bit of inspiration.

How to include pets in your shoot

Pets are part of the family, but it can be tricky to navigate them during a family shoot, especially if you’re already trying to round the kids up.

Offer up tips and tricks to help ease your client’s dog/cat/hamster into the session without overwhelming them, and show previous examples of shoots you’ve done with pets involved.

Photography specific

o   A spotlight feature on a product you offer (album, frames, USB box set)

o   Great location ideas for family photoshoots

o   Funny poses/ideas for family photoshoots

o   How much does a family photographer cost?

o   How to store your photos safely

o   10 things to ask your family photographer before the session

o   What to wear to a family photoshoot

o   How to coordinate outfits with the family

o   Best props for a family shoot

o   How to make the most of golden hour (include your examples!)

o   Why you shouldn’t worry about kids misbehaving on your shoot

o   Share funny outtakes from previous shoots

o   What is the best season for a family session?

General ideas

o   Fun days out with the family (in your local area)

o   Best places for spring/summer/autumn/winter family walks

o   Share simple recipes to make with the kids

o   How to pack for a family picnic

o   How to create a photo gallery in your home

I hope this list has sparked some creativity and helped you on your way to starting a successful blog for your photography business. If you remain consistent and offer up content that is relevant, useful and insightful, people will engage with your work and ultimately your brand.  Want more marketing tips for your photography business? Follow us on Instagram.