5 Ways to Boost Productivity Without Burning Out

July 11, 2023

There's a lot of pressure these days to be 'productive'. Thankfully though, there are methods to boost productivity without sacrificing your well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways you can be more efficient in your working day, all while taking care of your body and your brain.

5 Ways to Boost Productivity Without Burning Out

Productivity is essential for staying focused and getting things done as a business owner. Often, however, we get overwhelmed with the idea of being productive and beat ourselves up if we don’t feel we’ve achieved enough in our day. Productivity can be tricky to manage – in today’s fast-paced digital world, distractions are everywhere and it’s very easy to get preoccupied with other activities (hello social media!).

The concept of ‘productivity’ has boomed in the last few years. We hear the term so often; from books to podcasts to television interviews, everywhere we turn there is a new method or masterclass to increase productivity. If we’re not careful, however, this pressure to be productive can be harmful to our mental health.

Thankfully, there are methods to boost productivity without sacrificing your well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways you can be more efficient in your working day, all while taking care of your body and your brain.

Plan wisely & set goals

As with most tasks, it’s important to plan your days efficiently so that you can get the most out of them. Often, we set ourselves unrealistic expectations which can result in disappointment when we don’t meet our goals.  

Be sure to analyse your workload and set practical objectives so that you feel accomplished when you complete them. Set yourself targets that are sensible and achievable - after all, you know yourself best, so always do what works for you.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t feel bad if you make mistakes or fail the first few times. We’re all human, and sometimes it takes a few tries before we find the best methods for us, so don’t beat yourself up if you falter! Move forward, learn from your blunders and try not to focus on the past.

Find a technique that works for you

There are various productivity techniques out there that are designed for all types of brains – find one that works for you and try to stick to it.

One such method is the Pomodoro Technique. This nifty little technique is great if you have various deadlines and need to focus hard. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work consistently on a single task. Once the timer rings, take a short five-minute break to stretch or grab a drink, and then go back at it for another 25 minutes.

Do you break your tasks into smaller chunks and divide your time between them? Or do you prefer to focus on one big project at a time? Whatever it may be, research different methods and try one out for yourself – you never know, it could change your working life!

Take regular breaks

Whether you’re a photographer going through your edits or a candle maker creating your latest batch, it’s easy to get caught up in the working day without taking some time out to breathe, stretch and eat. At times, hyperfocus can kick in and it’s difficult to tear ourselves away from the task at hand.

However, the opposite can also happen, where focus is out of the window and you can’t seem to get things done. You’re distractable, frustrated and nothing is working for you.

When the walls of your office start closing in on you, take a breather and step outside. Nature has an incredible way of rejuvenating our spirits and refreshing our minds. Take a stroll in the park, find a cosy spot under a tree and do some deep breathing. Connecting with the outdoors can offer a boost of creativity and helps you maintain that spark in your productivity quest.

If you don’t fancy leaving the house, get up and leave the room you’re in. Sometimes a change of environment, no matter how small, is exactly what you need to clear that brain fog and get those creative juices flowing again.

Treat yourself

Do you remember when you were small and the dentist gave you a lollipop at the end of your visit? Just the fact that you knew that treat was coming made the whole experience that little bit easier. And so, why shouldn’t we treat ourselves as adults?

It may sound silly, but setting mini rewards for accomplishing milestones throughout the day can seriously boost productivity.

It could be as simple as enjoying a piece of chocolate, reading a chapter of a book, or watching that TikTok you’ve been meaning to see. These little delights, no matter how small, can help keep you motivated and prevent burnout.

Another thing to consider is the practice of self-care. Remember, you are not a productivity machine, you're a human being with needs. Look after yourself by prioritising self-care activities; whether it's practising mindfulness, indulging in a bubble bath or going to the gym, make time for activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul.

After all, a happy and balanced you is a productive you.

If things get too much, outsource

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you still find yourself struggling to keep up with your delegated tasks. That’s when you know it’s time to seek help and have someone else do the things you can’t (or don’t want to!).

Virtual assistants are a great way to take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

By sharing your workload, you can reduce your stress and free up time (and mental energy) for other things such as self-care or spending time with friends and family. Often, creatives such as photographers find the admin side of their business stressful and time-consuming – virtual assistants can help with workflows, social media creation, or simply answering emails from potential clients.

If you’re finding that your small business is overwhelming you, check out this blog for tips on how to reduce the stress and take back control.


Productivity is not about running a marathon at full speed; it's about finding your rhythm and dancing to the beat of your own productivity tune. By planning wisely and setting goals, taking regular breaks and outsourcing when needed, you can find ways to boost your productivity that work for you.

So go forth, conquer your to-do list, and celebrate each milestone along the way. With these tips in your productivity toolkit, you'll be a productivity pro without sacrificing your well-being. Cheers to a harmonious blend of productivity and self-care.